Weekly supper seminars. Every Tuesday at 16:00 (4pm).

The first trial for a hybrid seminar will take place on the 28th of September. Offline location is WGB_301.

Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman.
Believing what he read made him mad.

George Bernard Shaw.

Research round tables are taking place on even days, Nierhaus colloquia (in commemoration of an inspirational ribosomologist Knud Nierhaus) are taking place on odd days. Up-to-date instructions are available here (restricted access). Current paper assignments are available here (restricted access). Summaries of previously reviewed papers are available here (also restricted access). We need to restrict the access in order to ensure the critical nature of the literature assessment. Schedule for any extra events will appear below. Click here Free Lunch if you want to have one (sorry, for lab members only).

Virtual pub is taking place on Thursdays at 7pm. BYOB.