LAPTI research interests.

The sea gets deeper as you go further into it.

Phoenician proverb according to Nassim Taleb

Чем дальше в лес тем больше дров.

parallel Russian proverb

The main theme of our research is the understanding of how proteins are synthesized and how their synthesis is regulated. Someone may find this topic a little strange and argue that we already know how this is happening. Indeed, it is probably common knowledge (at least among sufficiently curious individuals) that RNA molecules are synthesized from their DNA templates according to the rules of complementarity between nucleotides (A <-> T(U) and G <-> C) while proteins are synthesized according to the genetic code, in which triplets of nucleotides specify amino acids in the synthesized proteins.

However, Life, with its aptitude to explore the possible to find advantageous, does not tend to be limited by very strict laws. There are far more than four nucleotides in RNA. There are many genetic codes and the codes behave only as general patterns, not as the laws of Physics. Check out our non-exhaustive review on the topic of genetic decoding diversity for some examples. In our research we extensively use high-throughput biochemical techniques (to find out what happens in the cells) and phylogenetic approaches (to find out what is important for the cell).

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