If you see no updates on this page, it means things went out of control.

If everything seems under control,
you're just not going fast enough.

Mario Andretti


A hasty note made early in 2017 Hard to keep up with all the news. Among the most striking are the development of RUST, 64 sense codons genetic code in C. magnum and ribosomal frameshifting as a standard feature of the Euplotes genetic code.

January 29 RiboGalaxy manuscript has been published in RNA Biology.


December 14 Vimal left LAPTI for the Microbiome Institute. It was a productive year for RiboGalxy!

November 16-20 Audrey and Pasha at Personalized Health meeting in Heidelberg.

October 1 Stephen and Martina join LAPTI. Main Galaxy features RiboGalaxy during October.

September 9-13 Translational Control Meeting in Heidelberg.

September 1 Paul left LAPTI and moved to EBI, we wish him good luck with his new job and growing family.

August 18 SFI site review.

August 11 The review on alternative decoding is out.

July Conference season: Pasha and Audrey give talks at Translation UK. Pasha speaks at Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology. Audrey presents Riboseq.Org at ISMB technology track and Paul poster is selected for oral presentation.

June 29 Dima is back.

Middle of May Stephen and Kevin start to work on their MSc projects.

May 5th OGD paper has been published.

May 1st Farewell to Claire who was a valuable member of Riboseq.ORG team during its early stages.

March 5 Christophe manuscript accepted to PNAS

February 27 Audrey, Anna and Claire manuscript is accepted to Proteomics

February 24 Dima comes back to LAPTI

February 1 Elizaveta visits LAPTI

January 26 Dmitry and Patrick manuscript on the role of uORFs in translation stress resistance is published in eLife

January 2 Zena and Vimal join the lab.


December 13 Lab Christmas party

November 21 Audrey's manuscript on leaky translation initiation is published in MBC Bioinformatics.

October 21 Shauna and Emily defended their MSc theses.

October 9 LAPTI shares UCC research team of the year award with John Atkins lab.

September 22 Anmol visits his alma mater

September 12 Tim, Cormac and Anna join the lab to start their final research projects. Good luck! This also means opening of the beta testing phase for RiboGalaxy.

September 2 CSH Translation Control

July 26 Dmitry comes to Cork again

July 21-22 Translation UK meeting

June Shauna and Emily join the lab to work on their Master projects.

March 13-18 Recoding meeting

May 9 VIBE meeting.

May 6 Paul joins the lab.

March 12 Ivaylo left Recoding lab.

February 2 Claire is back.

January 29 Paul Korir visits us and gives a great talk on using machine learning techniques for the analysis of microarray data.

January 19 Maxim joins LAPTI.


December 10 The registration is open for EMBO Workshop on Recoding

December 5-6 The PhD Symposium in Computational Biology & Innovation

November 19 Andrey Zinovyev visits LAPTI

November 15 VIBE

November 14 Anton Nekrutenko visits LAPTI

November 13 Audrey's viva.

November 12 Beamish is back online, Kudos to Paddy!

November 10 Good news: Romika arrives to Cork. Bad news: Beamish did not recover after the motherboard replacement.

November 8 Siobhan comes to the lab for the first time.

November 5 Bad news: Beamish experienced a serious hardware failure and is offline now.

October 9 GWIPS-viz manuscript has been accepted, congratulations to everyone who was processing the tracks.

October 1 Stephen starts to work on his Ph.D. project. We wish him luck in this peculiar endeavour.

September 8-12 Protein Synthesis and Translational Control Meeting

August 14 GWIPS viz forum is alive.

July 25-28 Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology.

July 4-5 Translaton UK conference.

June 18 Anmol had his viva.

June 17 Claire joins the lab.

June 10 3rd Irish NGS meeting at TrinSeq.

June 1 Paddy and Stephen join the lab.

May 17 Christof returned to Belgium. We made LAPTI group photo to remember him.

May 14-16 Pasha is at The Next NGS Challenge Conference.

April 28 LAPTI and The Recoding Lab are at the opening of ?What is Life? monument. The bench at the top represents a site of ribosomal frameshifting. That shape near it that looks like a hairball represents the ribosome.

April 23 Audrey's manuscript is accepted.

April 14 Patrick's manuscript is accepted.

April 4-14 Audrey and Pasha are in Beijing at RECOMB2013 and RECOMB-seq

April 1 Patrick starts to work on his Ph.D. Sharon joins the lab. GWIPS-viz is online.