LAPTI members.

Where do they come from? I can't say.
But I bet they have come
a long, long way.

We see them come
We see them go.

Dr. Seuss


WindshieldPavel Baranov aka Pasha or Pól Ó Reithe (Gaeilge).
Perfectionist Darren Fenton.
Eminence grise Gary Loughran.
Jack Jack Tierney.
Phil Phil O'Brien.
Progidal son Anmol Kiran.
JM GeonMattia Carancini (JM).
JM Maiken Hemme Bro-Jørgensen.


Cyclohexamide Dmitry Andreev (aka Antibiotic) is a regular visitor scientist from Moscow State University. Dmitry is interested in regulation of translation initiation in eukaryotes.
Godfather John Atkins was Pasha's postdoctoral advisor at U of U. LAPTI closely collaborates with John on the topics of Recoding.
Horilka Maria Bozko is a PhD student at the University of Warsaw and a regular visitor of LAPTI.
Stephen Stephen Kiniry developed Trips-Viz while working on his PhD in LAPTI. He is now a postdoctoral researcher in Kellie Dean lab where he continues playing a key role in RiboSeq.Org development.
Ozzza Oza Zaheed Maheswaran is interested in an elusive subject of lncRNA translation and therefore keeps one of his feet in the LAPTI door.
SysAdmin James Mullan (Paddy). Paddy was our SysAdmin. He used to make sure that everything works in LAPTI. He is now with APC, but sometimes in the evenings he helps us with our servers.
Butterfly Patrick O'Connor While in LAPTI, Patrick discovered that mRNA moves through the bacterial ribosome like a caterpillar and developed an elegant approach for assessing sequence properties that affect local ribosome footprints distribution on mRNAs globally. He is now at RiboMaps but continues to collaborate with LAPTI .
Geese hunter Michal Swirski is a visitor from the University of Warsaw with very broad interests .
Martina Martina Yordanova was beyond the discovery of ribosome stalling at the end of extended AMD1 coding region. She started her own lab next door to LAPTI and continues to work closely with us.


Artur Artur Fartukh worked in LAPTI for one year as a research assistant trying to help us to elucidate mysterious function of AMD1 tail.
Oscar Oscar Ting obtaied his MSc degree while working in LAPTI, he also worked as a research assistant with us before moving to a company.
Real AI Asuman Inan made an attempt to identify novel cases of ribosomal frameshifting in CrAssphages.
FBB-CRT During her PhD Alla Fedorova discovered many new human proteoforms generated via translation initiation at codons other than AUG, she also ressurected RiboGalaxy .
ConorConor Toomey searched for new cases of ribosomal frameshifting in the human genes during his MSc project. Like most his predecessors he didnt find any.
AudreyWhile in LAPTI, Audrey Michel started RiboSeq.Org and Eirna Bio . The latter took her away from us.
Luke During his MSc project, Luke Power carried out ribosome profiling in an amazing yeast species, Yarrowia lipolytica. His appreciation for yeast grew to the proportions that explain his move to industry.
Ciara Ciara Judge worked in LAPTI on her final year project at UCC Genetics programme and also during the Summer 2020. She has developed a script for mining proteomics dtata to be displayed in Trips-Viz.
Lode Lode Van Dijcker was an intern from Belgium, he was working on an automation of GWIPS-viz data processing.
Sara Sara Dufour was an intern from Belgium, she worked on adoptation of RUST for bacterial data.
Lucky Stephen Heaphy was a Ph.D. student who found a genetic code with all codons coding for amino acids.
Romika Romika Kumari was a Ph.D. student, she studied the role of G-quadruplexes in translation.
James James Keane was a M.Sc. student who developed a scoring system for the quality of ribosome profiling datasets..
Spaniard Marisol Benitez-Cantos was a summer research student supported by Erasmus program. She was looking for hidden information in protein coding regions of mRNA.
Chris Xiangwu Lu (a.k.a. Chris) was a Ph.D. student from CIT/NSilico working with us on a collaborative project.
Pom-po Anjali Pai was a Cancer Biology Ph.D. Scholar.
Matthias Matthias Claes made GWIPS-viz upgrade which now provides the latest ucsc genome browser functionality such as multi-region view.
Zena Zena Abbas was working on a collaborative project supported by NCRC that focuses on transcriptomic analysis of whole blood in febrile infants.
Sveta Svetlana Koroteeva valunteered to process several data tracks for GWIPS-viz GWIPS-viz tracks.
Sandor Sándor Dedeyne created strand functionality in GWIPS-viz browser and made a number of additional important improvements
Emily Emily Power was developing the ribo-seq transcriptome viewer

Lisa Elizaveta Sokolova was a visitor from the Institute of Molecular Biology in Moscow. She was probing the nucleotide context of translation termination in mammals.
Vimal Vimalkumar Velayudhan developed a number of usefool tools for RiboSeq.ORG resources. He is now at APC Microbiome Institute.
Kevin Kevin O'Riordan worked on his Master project in LAPTI. During the project he upgraded GWIPS-viz to a newer version and made a number of improvements to it.
Paul Paul Korir worked in LAPTI for a short period as a postdoctoral researcher. He moved to EBI to work on processing EM imaging data.
Claire Claire Donohue. After completing her Master degree in Bioinformatics in LAPTI, Claire worked on GWIPS-viz. Many GWIPS datasets were processed by Claire. She also was a key person behind RiboGalaxy development.
BI Sharon O'Sullivan. Sharon was a research assistant in LAPTI for two years and is still involved in our work. We hope she will come back soon.
Shauna Shauna O'Donovan studied intransitive relationship between codons in the genetic code while working on he MSc project in Bioinformatics.
Siobhan Siobhan Cleary was a partial member of our lab in academic year 2013/2014 when she was working on a collaborative project with Prof. Rosemary O'Connor. Siobhan moved to a Bioinformatician position at the West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory in the Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust.
Carmen Carmen Ferrara was a visitor to our lab from Naples. She is interested in an incredible extremophile Sulfolobus Solfataricus
ManuAnmol Kiran (अनमोल किरण) was the mighty hero behind DARNED database. After obtaining his Ph.D. he left to sunny Malawi to fight infectious diseases at theWellcome Trust Campus, but now is back.
De Bo Christof De Bo was an itern from Belgium, he helped us to populate GWIPS-viz with data.
Lazy hunterWhile doing his Ph.D. with us Virag Sharma had a chance to be entered into Guinness World Records for the discovery of the largest set of evolutionary conserved recoded genes in a single study. Irish connections didn't help. Now he is doing his first postdoc at MPI-CBG with Michael Hiller. We wish him strength in his resistance to German temptations.
Gearóid Gearóid Fox was a MSc student who helped us to bring GWIPS-viz to life. He went to the capital of Not Cork to work on his Ph.D with Not Darwin.
Nicole Nicole Vaughan was a MSc student who was exploring transcriptional landscape of the pregnancy specific glycoprotein genes cluster.
Olexander Oleksandr Nychyk was a summer student supported by a vocational fellowship from Wellcome Trust. After completing his BS in Genetics he went to do his Ph.D. at University College London..
Python Girl Komal Sanjeev was a remote intern whose magic spells can be found in DARNED database source. She went to do a master in computer science at Stony Brook.
Ioanna Ioanna Tzani was a rotation Cancer Biology Ph.D. Scholar. Ioanna tried her grit on BAD gene, very BAD gene. She continues her work on Cancer with John Atkins.
Dave the Builder David Murphy (aka Dave the Builder) was working in LAPTI in 2011/2012. Dave developed CodonLogo. Dave moved to Titian Software as a software developer.
wiki mani John O'Mahony (aka the wiki man) started community based annotation of RNA editing while working on his final project in UCC Biochemistry programme.
Kat'kaKathy Barriscale was a rotation student from PhD Programme in Cancer Biology in 2009/2010. By means of comparative sequence analysis Kathy discovered an important Recoding event (programmed ribosomal frameshifting) in expression of a nematode homolog of one of the most important human tumour suppressor gene, adenomatous polyposis coli (APC). After completing her Ph.D. in Tommie McCarthy lab she started her postdoctoral reseacrh at Tom Moore lab.

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